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Indian Native American Navajo hallmark on silver

Indian Native American Jewelry Artists
& SouthWest Shop Hallmarks: Q

Hopi Indian Native American hallmark on silver

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Indian Native American & South West hallmarks, letter: Q

Q Peynetsa Zuni hallmark
Q. Peynetsa
Juan Qualo Zuni indian native american mark on southwestern jewelry
Juan Qualo
Q and feather mark for Joe Quail Navajo
Joe Quail
 Q hallmark
fake mark
South Western Shop mark: Shop owner may not be N.A.
Q T Company New Mexico Southwest jewelry shop
Q. T. Quoc Turquoise Inc.  Alburquerque

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* Background image freely inspired by Verden Mansfield Hopi Bolo Tie, Alde Qumyintewa Hopi Bracelet, and Navajo Jewelry !

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