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Indian Native American Navajo hallmark on silver

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Hopi Indian Native American hallmark on silver


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Letters marks are classified by alphabetic first letters appearance,
and not by alphabetic order name of the artists:

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Picto marks are classified by alphabetic order names of the artists:

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Hallmarks of the Southwest. A Schiffer book for collectors, Barton Wright 2nd edition.
Hallmarks of the Southwest
(Barton Wright, 2nd edition)
The History and Hallmarks of Hopi silversmithing, Margaret Nickelson Wright, revised edition.
Hopi Silver, the history and hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing
(Margaret Nickelson Wright)
American Indian Jewelry 1,Gregory Schaaf and Angie Yan Schaaf
American Indian Jewelry I
1,200 Artist Biographies
Gregory Schaaf / Angie Yan Schaaf
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* Background image freely inspired by Verden Mansfield Hopi Bolo Tie, Alde Qumyintewa Hopi Bracelet, and Navajo Jewelry !


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